Social Value & Responsibility

Culture is a very important part of who we are

Team trip to Brighton

We had a team trip to cloudy Brighton to meet with one of our suppliers, Kew. After a very interesting tour of their grounds we enjoyed lunch and a boat trip.

Christmas Celebrations here at Eleciserve E&M

There is a real team spirit during the festive period, the Managing Director always prepares a giant advent calendar which sets a fun vibe throughout December.  It’s certainly a busy time from Christmas parties to celebrating with clients.

St Patrick’s Day

Eleciserve is a company run with family at the heart of the business. The managing director was born and raised in Dublin and as you can imagine celebrating St Patricks day is always a fun day in our office. 

Today the real boss was in, Posey working hard at Eleciserve HQ

As a family run business it is always great to see the youngest member Posey showing her Dad the ropes and keeping the rest of the team in line.


Eleciserve E&M are very keen supporters of apprenticeships, we are currently supporting 15 apprentices who are thriving.

In partnership with various education providers, we can provide placements for on-the-job learning combined with the part time completion of studies.

For more information please contact us.


Workplace health and mental wellbeing are high on the agenda here at Eleciserve E&M and we work hard to create a supportive culture and give all colleagues the tools and training that they need in order to thrive.

We have trained Mental Health First Aiders and mental health support is available as part of our wellbeing approach, we aim to support all employees and break the stigma around Mental Health in the workplace.

Helping to combat climate change
and sustain our environment for future generations

We are doing our bit for the environment and making a contribution to try and combat climate change.



“Eleciserve are purchasing a freezer for us for use in the Rainbow Cafe as well as amending the sign writing on the cafe windows. The freezer will help improve the quality of service that we are able to offer our customers and the sign writing will add to the appearance and overall image of the cafe. Once again, it is very important to say that without businesses supporting us in this way, we would find it extremely difficult to purchase these items, this is because all monies we receive go directly to supporting the vital services we provide for the elderly isolated people of Surrey Heath, Thank you Eleciserve and your Managing Director Bobby Predeville.”